Commercial Lending Made Easy

Increase lending efficiency with automation and borrower portals

Borrower Portal

Your Borrowers will have access to a bank branded portal to fill out online forms, upload & manage required documents, automated checklist and track loan progress.

Online Forms

Borrowers fill out forms on desktops and mobile devices. The system saves their progress so they can continue working on the application at any time.

Preliminary Financial Snapshot

View an instant snapshot of key data points collected during the application process including; credit score, DTI, cash flow and more.

Automated Document Reminders

Borrowers will receive ongoing email and text reminders keeping them on-track. Reminders include; documents needed, unfinished applications and annual docs.

Simple Document Management

No more using a separate document vault software. BankBright's system collects and manages documents creating an entire borrower profile in one spot.

Customer Loan Profile

Bankers and auditors will have a 360 view of customers loans, documents, forms and more making it easy for future loans and compliance.

Ship To Underwriting Fast

Securely download completed application packages for underwriting. No more scanning, creating files and filtering through emails.